a. Chamber has one AC Conference Room with 50 seating Capacity fully equipped with all facilities and

b. One AC Meeting Hall with seating capacity to accommodate about 200 people fully equipped with all facilities for conducting Meetings/Seminars/Workshops/Conferences/Press Meets etc

Note: KCCI regularly conducts VIP Meetings, Seminars, and Workshops etc.

Members may avail the opportunity to attend these programmes. They can also have their own programmes – Seminars, Workshops, Interactive Meetings, Product presentations, Training programmes, etc at KCCI bearing reasonable utilisation charges as below,

KCCI Meeting Hall

Full Day Rs.20,000/- + GST 18% 
Half Day Rs.10,000/- + GST 18% 
For Sundays Rs.2,500/- +GST 18% extra on above plus Extra to Staff attending be paid @ 1 ½ times of Salary/ OT

Conference Hall

Full Day Rs.7,500/-  + GST 18%
Half Day Rs.4,000/- + GST 18%

a. There would be a reduction of 25% on Tariffs for all members including our affiliate members.
b. Both Halls will not be available on rent on Chamber Holidays.

Contact: Manager, KCCI for further details.