2023 – 2024


The working of the subcommittees of the KCCI under the able leadership of their respective chairpersons is what brings specific issues faced by the trade community and the common public to the fore.

These subcommittees through various forums and interactions with the community at large work out proposals to solve these issues and with the backing of the board puts forward these solutions to various offices of the district, state and national administration.
Standing Committee
1 Accounts and Audit Committee CA Gautham Nayak 9916917555
2 Advisory Committee CA Srinivas S. Kamath (PP) 9845082987
3 Internal Administration & Management Shri Anand G. Pai 9945303030
4 Editorial Board of “Journal of KCCI” Publisher – CA Ananthesh V. Prabhu 9886043277
Editor – CA Salome Lobo Pereira 9845166377
5 Internal Complaints Committee (Statutory Committee) Shri Anand G. Pai 9945303030
6 Programmes and Public Affairs CA Ananthesh V. Prabhu 9844075737
7 Strategic Planning and Development Sri Isaac Vas 9844020303
8 Membership Services Mrs. Vathika Pai 9886485785
Non Standing Committee
9 GST Sub-Committee CA Keshava N. Ballakuraya 9448459922
10 Government Liaison and Grievance redressal Shri Nitte Yathiraj Shetty 9448138604
11 Income Tax CA Prasanna Shenoy 9844956672
12 Members Day Celebration Shri Anand G. Pai 9945303030
Special Cells
District Development Cell Shri Vincent Cutinha 9686694301
13 a) Airlines, Airport and Tourism Mrs. Vathika Pai 9886485785
14 b) Ecology, Environment, Road Transport, Public Safety &
Social Causes
Shri Yathish Baikampady 9449035570
15 c) Infrastructure and Urban Development and Smart City Shri Ashok LP Mendonca 9448372919
16 d) Railways Shri Rammohan Pai Maroor 9845742083
17 e) Startups Shri Viswas Uchila Shishir 9686141856 director @sectioninfin8.org
18 f) Women Entrepreneurs Mrs. Rahasya Pai Maroor 9900097073
EXIM Cell Shri Jeethan Allen Sequeira 9845084299
19 a) Customs, Exporters and CHA Relationship Shri Prakash Rao Kalbavi 9448142715
20 b) Shipping and Port Relation Shri Jeethan Allen Sequeira 9845084299
Industrial Cell Shri Amith Ramachandra 9900003267
21 a) Energy, Power, Banking, Financed and MSME Shri B. A. Nazeer 9845125686
22 b) Fish and Allied Industries Shri Nissar Fakeer Mohammed 9845161416
23 c) Food Safety, Legal Metrology Shri P. B. Ahmed Mudassar 9964677898
24 d) Information Technology Shri Ashith Balakrishna Hegde 9686260711
25 e) Labour Sri Shamlal Yermal 9448459509
26 f) Large Industries CA Abdur Rahman Musba 9980251225
Trade Cell Shri Aditya Padmanabha Pai 9886318990
27 a) APMC and Essential Commodities Trading Shri P. B. Abdul Hameed 9448132229
28 b) Automobile Shri Anand G. Pai 9945303030
29 c) Cinema Exhibitors & Entertainment Shri Balakrishna R. Shetty 9845083427
30 d) Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Shri U. Sunil Nayak 9845082922
31 Alternate Dispute Resolution Prof. CA. Lionel Aranha 9739127852
32 Infrastructure  for KCCI knowledge centre Shri Anand G. Pai 9945303030