Photograph Shows A Meeting with the IT Officials of Govt. of Karnataka with Office-bearers of KCCI held at the Conference Room on 14-07-2016.
In the Photograph [L to R] Ms. Vathika Pai, Hon. Secretary, KCCI, Mr. Praveen Kumar Kalbhavi, Director & Chairman, IT Sub-Committee of KCCI, Ms. Prathiba G. Rao, Senior Consultant, FE, Karnataka Biotechnology and Information Technology Services (KBITS), Govt. of Karnataka, Mr. K. N. Praveen, Chairman and CEO, IKP Knowledge Park, Sri Rammohan Pai Maroor, President, KCCI, Ms. Deepanwita C., Senior Consultant, Dept. of IT and BT, Sri Jeevan Saldanha, Vice-President, KCCI, Mr. Vikram Venu, Vice-President, IKP and COO, IKP Eden.